Brass valves
-Brass ball valves
-Brass gate valves
-Brass check valves
-Brass stop and waste valves
-Brass needle valves
-Brass isolate valves
-Brass tankless water heater valves
-Brass radiator valves
-Brass globe valves
-Brass floating valves
-Brass relief valve
Brass angle valves
-Brass angle stop valves
-Water Hammer Arrester
-Brass 1/4 turn angle valve for Pex
-Brass washing machine valves
-Brass boiler drain
-Brass sillcock
Brass lawn faucet
-Brass faucet manifold
-Brass Shutoff Cock
-Brass hose bibb
-Brass No-kink hose bibb
-Brass garden valves
Frost proof yard hydrant
-Frost proof yard hydrant
-Frost free sillcock
-Anti-freeze cable
-Dielectric Union
Bronze valves
-Bronze Ball Valves
-Bronze Gate Valves
-Bronze Globe Valves
-Bronze Check Valves
-Bronze Pressure Reducing Valves
-Bronze Floating Valves
Fire protection
Brass fittings
-Brass compression fittings
-Brass flare fittings
-Brass Press Fittings
-Brass Pipe Fittings
-Brass Garden Mender Fittings
Bronze fittings
Mixing valves
Sanitary ware
-Bathroom Accesories
-Floor Drain
-DWV brass fittings
-Bath waster and accessories
-Drain pipe clearing hand snakes
Flexible hose
-Stainless Steel Alloy-knitted Hose
-Aluminum Alloy-knitted Hose
-PVC-knitted Hose
-Shower Hose
-Washing Machine Hose
-Dishwasher Hose
-Flexible Corrugated S.S. Gas Connector
-Welding Torch
Irrigation appliance
-Solenoid valve for Irrigation
-Brass sprinkler
-Plastic sprinkler
-Water Nozzle
-Pop up head
-PVC valve
-PP compression couplers
-PVC Valve box
-Anti-siphone Valves
Camlock&bauer coupler
-Brass Camlock
-PP Camlock
-Nylon Camlock
-Stainless steel camlock
-Aluminum Camlock
-Bauer coupler
-Universal couplings-u.s type
-Hose mender and Nipple
Water filter
-Disc Filter
-Water filter
Hydrant appliance
-Fire Hose
-Irrigation Hose
-Hydrant Valve
-Hydrant Nozzle
-Hydrant Coupler
-Sump Pumps
-Submersible Pumps
-Swimming Pool Pumps
-Bath-tub Pumps
-Jet Pumps
-Hand Pumps
-Other Pumps
-Pump Accessories
Water meter
Pressure gauge
Swimming pool appliance
-Multi-function Valve
-Solar Shower
-Skimmer and White Goods
-Vacuum Cleaner
-Chlorine Dispenser
-Leaf skimmer
-Test Kit
-Pool Cover Reel
-Pool Kit
Milking machine parts
-Milking valve
-Nozzle for animal
-Teat cup shell
-Rubber connector
Hose clamps
Cable tie
Teflon taps
-Copper Press
-Copper Fitting
Grooved Fittings
-Equal Tee
-Mechanical Tee
-Grooved Flange
PVC valve & fittings

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